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Our brand values

Natural and organic without compromise, understanding and respect for the skin's biology, evidence-based combined with artisanal, simplicity as a way of living, passion with confidence, attention to every detail, honouring women beauty and care for the environment.

These are Matinata brand values that guide us in everything we do.

Evidence-based and synergistic

Rooted in the science 

Phytochemical synergy in well-balanced formulas 

Active concentrations of key ingredients

Skin comes first - its biology and needs.

Careful selection of ingredients and dosing them at the right concentration delivers nutrients, moisture, protection, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. The Matinata collection is designed to restore balance, vitality and rejuvenation to our precious skin.

We were honoured to work with Prof. Dr Nina Kočevar Glavač from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Nina is the author of numerous scientific studies in the field of phytopharmaceutical science, a woman who cultivates great professional ambition and an inner passion for the synergy of science and nature.

Natural and organic

Always natural and, if possible, organic
Sustainable, safe and pure plant sourcing
Free from controversial synthetic ingredients

We believe natural and organic make a difference. This is the representation of product quality and purity.

Skincare is a very intimate moment; everything we put on our skin communicates with us, from colours, scents and textures. We owe it to our skin by using only the purest, most trusted and authentic ingredients from natural sources.

Our natural ingredients come from clean, genuine, and ethical sources worldwide, promoting the awareness that we are all the same Mother Earth.

We have nothing to hide. All ingredients are shown transparently.