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    We want to inspire you to discover the simplicity and potency of pure plant ingredients honoring the moments of connection with YOURSELF, beautiful as you are. Matinata skincare was born from the intention to feel you gifted, special and unique, awarding you with skin that looks healthy, radiant, plumped, balanced, restored and rested.

    Evidence-based and synergistic

    Rooted in the science 

    Phytochemical synergy in well-balanced formulas 

    Active concentrations of key ingredients

    Our approach is skin first – its biology and needs.

    We have carefully selected a portfolio of ingredients and dose it in the right concentration to deliver nutrition, moisture, protection, omega fatty acids, vitamins and protection from oxidative stress. Matinata collection is created to restore balance, vitality and rejuvenation to our precious skins.

    We had the honour to work with Prof. Dr. Nina Kočevar Glavač,  from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Nina is author of numerous scientific studies in the field of phytopharmaceutical science, a woman who cultivates great professional ambition and an inner passion for the synergy of science and nature.

    Natural and organic

    Always natural and whenever possible organic
    Uncompromising in sustainable, safe and pure botanical sourcing
    Transparent and free of controversial synthetic ingredients

    Everything we put on our skin, communicates with us, making skincare a very intimate moment. Only the purest, most trusted and genuine ingredients from natural sources – we owe it to our skin.

    We want to nurture the awareness that we all are the same Mother Earth. We care and consider how we source our raw ingredients, how they are grown, and taking care that only the businesses who share the same vision and values are part of our value chain.

    Nothing to hide. All the ingredients are shown transparently.