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    Mothers and Nature - invinceable

    "Look deep into Nature and then you will understand better" - Albert Einstein

    We do not say "Mother Nature" for no reason. Nature can love us in the same way that mothers love their children - with care, tenderness, and infinite kindness. It is the place we return to feel connected and boundless. Nature is our constant source of inspiration to understand deeply - so we passionately study and research what fits the best, finding the precise dosage of ingredients. We are so proud that we develop products that stand out.

    Matinata products are created with a passion for knowledge, love for skin, and great respect for Nature.

    All products are formulated with selected, valuable organic ingredients of the highest quality and in beneficial concentrations, grown without pesticides, away from pollutants and in a holistic approach taking care of every detail. That is why we can guarantee you truly nourishing care that will restore your skin's natural strength, radiance, tightness and beauty.
    Discover OUR credo

    What inspired me to raise Matinata

    Voice and come back to healthier choices, the pure enjoyment of living and love

    Behind Matinata, there is my personal and intimate story. I am a woman passionate for knowledge, with formal education acquired in computing science and a professional career in commercial banking, Formula Botanica certified organic skincare formulator, and a mother of two wonderful persons. Facing a malignant diagnosis was a moment of fear and a moment of reconsideration. I have begun my journey exploring better choices in all aspects of life.

    It was the moment of revelation figuring out the controversy on health concerns related to some synthetic ingredients used in conventional cosmetics. All the products in my bathroom contained such ingredients. And I started to look for solutions that will give you great skin using only the purest, all-natural plant ingredients in a powerful and simplistic routine.

    It took me seven years of learning, a lot of effort and trying to get a better insight into ingredients. I have entirely changed my career path, driven by the ambition to become an inspiration for many women that on one would never give up their ambition,  to do good for our beautiful Mother Nature and to leave a mark that will one day make my children proud of me. 

    I decided to raise Matinata.

    a note from founder

    a note from founder

    I want to encourage people around me to find and create positive life changes. I wish that they feel precious and beautiful being a part of the greater passion that I feel for our fantastic land and sea

    As a mother of two, I rely on my love because it creates the feeling that impossible is possible. My strength is acquired from motherly love I have in me. With that same caring, gentle and constant tenderness - so too can nature love us. Nature is giving us the same selfless motherly love with all precious ingredients providing the skin with a deep feeling of comfort in a return to glow in all its beauty.

    I have embedded it all in Matinata

    with love, Ivanka