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Mothers and
Nature - invinceable

"Look deep into Nature and then you will understand better" - Albert Einstein

We do not say "Mother Nature" for just any reason. Nature can love us in the same way that mothers love their children. Mothers are loving, compassionate, gentle, and always tender. This is where we return to feel connected and boundless. Nature is our constant source of inspiration to understand deeply - that's why we study and research passionately to look for new solutions.

Our products are the modern definition of smart luxury organic skincare, created for a woman who wears her skin with great pride, regardless of her flaws and wrinkles.

We believe organic makes a difference, meaning that every drop is filled with a natural richness not capable to synthesize in the lab. This is why we can guarantee you truly natural, nourishing care that will restore your skin's natural strength, radiance, firmness and beauty. Slowly, your skin changes for the better.
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What inspired me to raise Matinata

Voice and come back to healthier choices, the pure enjoyment of living and love

Matinata is my personal and intimate history.

I am a woman who comes from a different world, both professionally and career-wise. What brought me into skincare is my journey in search of better life choices after facing severe illness. That's when I traded in my black suit for a lab coat and began studying skin biology and natural skincare formulations.

Discovering the controversy over health problems associated with some synthetic ingredients got me thinking about who cosmetic products are made for: women's bodies or the manufacturers themselves. I believe there is no place for any insecurities related to our skin and bodies. True beauty develops over time with the pride of becoming who we are.

My passion is to see a change towards better skincare, skincare that has its roots in science, nature and our heritage. I would love for my story to inspire many women to create a better life for themselves, never give up on their dreams, do good for our beautiful Mother Nature and leave a mark that our children will one day be proud of.

I have decided to raise Matinata.

a note from founder

a note from founder

I want to encourage those around me to find and create positive life changes. I wish for them to feel valuable and beautiful as part of the greater passion I feel for our amazing land and sea.

As a mother of two, I rely on my love because it makes me feel like the impossible is possible. I draw my strength from the motherly love I carry within me. With the same caring, gentle and constant tenderness - that is how nature can love us. Nature gives us the same selfless motherly love with all the precious ingredients that give the skin a deep sense of well-being to shine again in all its beauty.

I have embedded all this in Matinata.

with love, Ivanka