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Our Philosophy

Honour Nature. Respect the Earth. Care for your skin.
We value the power of plants and natural active ingredients, knowledge of their proper use, respect for the skin barrier and appreciation of human beauty in all its forms.
We create products that simplify your skincare rituals while enhancing skin wellbeing, honouring your beauty and caring for Mother Earth. 
 From seed to bottle, every detail is lovingly cared for without compromise. This is how we believe skincare should be made.

Care for skin barrier

This is the key to maintaining healthy skin.

At Matinata, we believe that less is more. Fewer steps, fewer products, more naturalness. Our focus is on improving the skin's natural function using natural active ingredients. All of our products are designed to work in synergy to gently restore balance and vitality to your skin.

Natural backed by science

Mother Nature gives us everything we need. To create the best natural formulations, we have harnessed the highest level of phytopharmaceutical knowledge. We firmly believe that proven science and natural plant power are how skincare should be created.

We were honoured to have Prof. Dr. Nina Kočevar Glavač from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University in Ljubljana, Slovenia, assist us in developing the Matinata collection. Dr. Nina is a co-author of Modern Cosmetics - one of the most respected books on natural cosmetic ingredients. She has also published numerous scientific studies in the field of phytopharmaceutical science. She is an incredible woman with ambition and passion for the synergy between science and nature.

Alchemy of skincare rituals

Build your time for rituals as a way to consciously reconnect with yourself.

Our skincare is the moment of intimacy; whatever we put on our skin communicates with us, from colors, scents and textures. Unique to each of us, rituals provides the opportunity to nurture, love and accept ourselves in all of our natural beauty. We owe it to our skin to treat it with the purest and most lovingly crafted formulations from mother nature.

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