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Spring Skin Care: no more Winter Dullness

Spring Skin Care: no more Winter Dullness

Spring is finally upon us, and everything seems more colourful and vibrant. Sun is finally on the horizon. Do you experience lacklustre, sensitivity and dullness? Does it need more plumpness? Maintaining youthful skin isn't always easy, significantly when the seasons change. However, there are reasons why your skin might be lacking what we call radiance and not feeling its best. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what could be causing your dull skin and give you five skincare tips for spring that can help you say goodbye to dull skin for good.

What is winter skin dullness?

After months of winter temperatures, our skin tends to become dry, flaky and itchy. A common cause of that is the months spent in dry heated indoors, and more than that changes in temperature during winter time - from indoors to outdoors. Skin dullness is a condition of the skin that has lost its natural luminosity, caused by slow cell turnover or dead skin cells on the skin's surface. Your skin is constantly shedding dead cells, but your complexion can take on a dull and tired appearance if this process is not working efficiently. This is typical during the transition from winter to spring. Environmental toxins, product residue, and dead skin cells clog pores and make your face appear rough and uneven. How do you prepare your face for the sunny days ahead? To start spring with a glowing complexion, these beauty tips are just what you need.


Gentle exfoliating - simple as oil cleanser and cotton face towel


Regular cell turnover is essential for a healthy complexion. When we are young, our skin naturally exfoliates every four weeks, but as we get older, this process slows down. That is normal, and we can help our skin daily routine to exfoliate dead cells, and slowly day by day reveal complexion radiance. Contrary to popular belief, it would help if you exfoliate when your skin is particularly dry to get more vibrant skin. However, we advise you to avoid harsh exfoliants and strong acids that can cause dryness, redness, tightness, skin irritation, small cracks, and flaky skin. Instead of exfoliating occasionally, we recommend using a simple yet very effective tool - a face cotton towel. Every night, when cleansing your skin with cleansing oil, elevate your cleansing to gentle exfoliation. Fill the sink with warm water, soak, drain a cotton towel, and place it warm on your face. Enjoy the warmth and mood-lifting scent for a few seconds. The warm cotton cloth will open the skin's pores, and the facial skin will absorb the benefits of the therapeutic organic oils. Remove the cleanser with a warm, damp towel and give the skin a gentle exfoliation. Finish by splashing it with cold water.


Add face mist to your lineup

Dewy, luminous skin never goes out of style. Facial mist is the go-to skin soother if you have dry or dehydrated skin. It works great if you face oiliness in the hot spring. It acts as an instant refreshing beauty pick-me-up for your dull, tired skin. This skin cell hydration supercharger specifically combats increased skin dehydration, lack of cellular energy and signs of oxidative stress. With active ingredients like aloe vera, sodium lactate, betaine, sodium PCA and a unique blend of plant extracts with Green Tea and Indian fig, this product reveals a restructured complexion in an excellently balanced formula. The best way to let the facial mist work is to spray it directly after cleansing the face.


Maximize your moisturizer

Moisturizers absorb so much faster if you cleanse and gently exfoliate regularly; plus, all the genuine ingredients can work more effectively. At night, the skin regenerates and repairs itself, so investing in a quality moisturizer will ensure your skin is properly cared for at night. Gentle cleansing and exfoliation followed by a moisturizer, your skin won't need any debris or extra work to get in. Boost your glow with a complete moisturizer and wake up refreshed, brighter and more radiant.


Indulge in a face mask

Adding facial steam with some calendula or chamomille flowers once a week is probably one of the easiest ways to get your skin into spring and summer. A daily light exfoliation with a non-irritating skin cleanser and moisturizing mask, followed by a soothing mist, will bring back hydration levels and plumpness to your skin. Try to make things simple - put a thick layer of our hydration mask. You can simply make it by mixing a generous amount of complete moisturizer and hydrating serum. No need to take it off. This combo is perfect as an overnight treatment.

Re-apply SPF

We all need a clean, mineral-based SPF daily, all year round, but especially in the spring. With warmer temperatures comes increased sun exposure as we spend more time outdoors. Therefore, it's essential to include sunscreen with at least SPF 30 in your skincare routine for spring. Look for a mineral-based SPF against both UVA and UVB rays, which will protect your skin from new sun exposure and also reduce signs of sun damage. Apply it every morning and reapply before any outdoor activity during the day.

The bottom line

Be always gentle with your skin, and keep in mind that less is more. Spring is the time to lighten your load and swap out heavy winter skincare for more lightweight products. Try out these spring skincare tips this year and see how your skin responds.

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