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Healthy skin begins with clean skin

Healthy skin begins with clean skin

Our skin is exposed to the outside world every day. It gets into contact with makeup, sweat, particles in the environment. At Matinata, we firmly believe that every healthy skin begins with clean skin. Cleansing your skin in the evening will remove every last trace of dirt, excess oil, and impurities accumulated throughout the day. This step is essential, regardless of your skin type, whether you wear makeup or not.

Why cleansing is THE key to healthy skin


Being the first and most important step of any skincare routine, cleansing is beneficial in many ways. However, if you do not cleanse your skin correctly, dirt and impurities can accumulate on the surface of your skin and can lead to skin breakouts, dehydration and dullness.

Cleansing the skin ensures clear skin

The skin produces sebum to protect itself from environmental damage. Naturally produced sebum is good for our skin, but if it is left on the skin for too long without cleansing it, it can mix with the residue on the skin. This can lead to enlarged pores and clogging of the skin follicles, allowing bacteria to penetrate the skin, leading to inflammation, acne and a lifeless complexion.

Cleansing the skin promotes hydration

Cleansing helps regulate the skin's pH level so that it can absorb active ingredients for proper skin nutrition and hydration. So, regular facial cleansing is also an important factor that helps the skin maintain adequate moisture levels. Dehydrated skin looks rough and wrinkled, feels aged.

Maintain a youthful appearance

Adopting a simple yet effective skin cleansing routine is one way to get rid of unwanted particles and stimulate skin rejuvenation, even skin tone and maintain natural brightness. Environmental toxins promote oxidation and cause premature ageing, so cleansing is always a smart start to your antioxidative skincare routine.

Increase the effectiveness of the products

Without cleansing, our skin would be covered with a layer of dirt, making it difficult for the active ingredients you apply to penetrate the skin and thus work their magic. So, thorough cleansing prepares your skin to absorb other skincare products, making it more open to skin treatments like serums, moisturizers and masks.

The world of cleansers


The world of cleansers falls into two groups: water-based cleansers and oil-based cleansers.

Water-based cleansers, such as foaming gels or lotions and micellar waters, cleanse our skin based on the concept of rinsing particles from the outermost layer of skin. By rinsing off particles, these cleansers strip lipids from the outer layer of skin. In terms of formulation, these products contain surfactants or surface-active ingredients. Water-based cleansers not only strip the naturally beneficial lipids but can also alter the pH of healthy skin. So if you use a foaming cleanser and find it too harsh for your skin, switch to cleansing oils.

Oil-based cleanser works on the principle of "oil attracts oil". The "good" oils dissolve the "bad" oils that have accumulated on the surface of your skin, i.e. makeup, excess oil and debris. Unlike foaming water-based cleansers that can dry out your face, cleansing oils balance your skin's natural oils while nourishing it. Smart-formulated cleansing oil is gentle on your skin and is suitable for all skin types (even oily or acne-prone skin!).

Try Matinata re.start cleansing oil - this light and silky oil is made from organic plant oils and turns into a milk when emulsified with water. It effectively removes makeup, sunscreen, and daily grime while conditioning and smoothing the complexion. As a result, your skin is smoother, softer and look more radiant. Once you try it, you'll fall in love with the silky texture and calming scent!

What is an oil cleanser?

The most significant improvement in the condition of my skin happened when I started using a cleansing oil. I noticed a healthier complexion, more even skin tone, and balanced oil production within a few days. So, where the magic comes from? Pure plant oils are bio-compatible with the skin's mantle and inter-cellular skin lipids. They dissolve dirt and lift the grime, so applying the oil cleanser to dry (not damp) skin is the most important thing to consider. The oils selected for the oil cleanser cleanse and rebalance oil production, leaving your skin more balanced and healthier. With the addition of a natural emulsifier, the oil cleanser turns into a milky emulsion when water is added, which can be easily removed by rinsing with water. Cleansing your skin with oils removes makeup, dirt and excess oil from the skin, leaving it clean, soft and plumped up.

Matinata re.start cleansing oil is a luxurious organic oil cleanser made from pure and cosmetically active plant oils. Nourishing apricot and jojoba rid the skin of dirt and environmental toxins. Grapeseed and sunflower oils are lipid-balancing and soothing, while watermelon oil is anti-inflammatory. Sandalwood and lavender essential oils add a sense of calm to the evening ritual. Massaging the oil cleanser into your skin is as soothing as it is beneficial. Lymphatic drainage is stimulated, surface tension is relieved, and makeup melts away.

How to use the cleansing oil?



  • Put 2-3 pumps of cleansing oil into your palms. Warm it between your palms.
  • Massage it onto dry skin to allow the beautiful plant oils to dissolve makeup and dirt. Elevate your routine by taking a few extra minutes to massage the skin, stimulate lymphatic drainage and tone the facial muscles. Use circular motions with your fingers, focusing especially on the areas around the nose and chin. Breathe the exquisite and sensual essential oils deeply. Do not forget your neck while doing this - it is also a part of your face.
  • Emulsify with water if you prefer to rinse off - the oil cleanser will turn into a milky solution that rinses off completely.
  • If you want to upgrade your cleansing ritual, treat your skin to a steam ceremony. Take a 100% cotton face cloth, dampen it in hand-hot water, squeeze it out and place it on your face. Hold the cloth all over your face and count to 10 to activate the aromatherapy benefits of the essential oils and feel liberated. Then, wipe off the dirt with a warm cotton cloth. You can repeat the application two or three times if you like.

Benefits of oil cleanser

So, why include cleansing with oils into your skincare routine:

  • The gentlest way to cleanse your skin without disrupting the skin's physiological pH and without making it tight and dry. Instead, your skin will feel clean, fresh and radiant.
  • Dissolves dirt, impurities and excess oil from the skin and cleanses it thoroughly
  • Clarifies pores by removing impurities, excess oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. The oil binds to the dirt on your skin and lifts it off. There is no need to double cleanse because re.start cleansing oil leaves no residue, not even the most stubborn makeup!
  • Balances skin's oil production with oils rich in linoleic acid, such as grapeseed, watermelon and sunflower
  • Provides skin with antioxidants and vitamins (Matinata re.start cleansing oil contains organic plant oils and botanicals that nourish and smooth skin for a softer, brighter, more youthful appearance)
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated
  • Fitting all skin types - for all ages and skin types, including sensitive, dry, combination and oily skin. It helps balance your skin's oil production instead of making it oilier.
  • Boosts circulation and delivers your skin a healthy glow by massaging the oil into your skin
  • Gives your skin a fresh, healthy glow by gently steaming away dirt and impurities.

Are you ready to get your skin healthy and glowing?

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