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Skincare through seasons: Autumn skincare

Skincare through seasons: Autumn skincare

Like the seasons, our skin is constantly changing. We are a part of nature, and the cycles of nature affects our skin and bodies.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It is constantly active, protecting itself and adapting to the environment, which is why our skin changes from season to season. As conditions around us change, so does our skin. This does not necessarily mean that our skin type varies. Instead, we need to know how to properly care for our skin to adapt to seasonal changes.

Change of the seasons definitely affects our skin. This means that during the winter months, we suffer from extra dryness. In the summer, on the other hand, our skin is affected by the humidity of summer, which softens it and gives it back the moisture it lost in the winter.

With a healthy skincare routine, we can prepare our skin for most outdoor conditions. In addition, paying special attention to the environment we live in can help keep our skin glowing and healthy, which is something we would like to achieve.


Post-summer tips for rejuvenating your skin


After a summer of swimming in the sea and spending a lot of time in the sun, our skin needs good rejuvenating care. Moreover, summer days and nights often tempt us to consume alcohol and bad eating habits (dehydrate the skin). So it's no surprise that at the end of summer, we struggle with sun-damaged, dry and dehydrated skin, chapped lips and clogged pores.

We can help ourselves to erase unwanted signs of summer with few helpful post-summer skincare tips.


Detox your body from the inside

Detoxifying body and skin after the summer season can do a lot to keep our skin looking and feeling its best. We advocate that the best way to do this is through food. Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and eating a healthy, balanced diet filled with fruits and vegetables can do a lot for the health of your skin.


Cleanse thoroughly

After a few months of hot, humid air and constantly applying sunscreen in the summer, pores are probably clogged. This is because months of oil, makeup, sweat, and dirt have built up, and exposure to those impurities can have a negative impact on our complexion. So, it is essential to cleanse thoroughly, and it's a good time to think about implementing a double cleansing routine. You do not have to buy another cleanser - instead, cleansing your skin twice with re.start cleansing oil will clarify and detoxify your pores with linoleic rich organic oils (such as grapeseed, watermelon and passionfruit oil).

Replenish the natural hydration levels and skin resilience

After months of spending time on the beach and in the sun, our skin is in desperate need of after summer hydration. Hydrate your dehydrated summer skin by using skincare products that moisturize and soothe. When you use re.water serum twice a day, your skin is pampered with moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid in innovative, multimolecular form), ectoin®, which regenerates environmentally stressed skin, and glycoin®, which acts as a natural stress protection molecule, revitalizes, stimulates and improves slowed or impaired cellular functions and reactivates the strength and appearance of youthful skin. re.water serum contains the richness of kakadu plum, the richest botanical source of vitamin C. Using vitamin C in your skincare routine helps to improve skin texture and tone.

How does autumn affect your skin?


With the onset of autumn, not only do the leaves change but so does our skin.

The humidity in the air decreases in autumn. The days are shorter, the temperature breezier, and the beautiful golden colours of fall invite spending time outdoors. Our skin retains less water due to the colder, drier air. Dry air draws moisture from the skin, making it dry and flaky in autumn and winter. The same thing happens indoors when the heat increases. The main symptoms of "autumn skin" include dryness, a dull and sallow skin tone, sun spots, flaking and irritation.

With lower humidity and more significant temperature differences, the transition from summer to autumn can irritate our skin's sebum production, leading to tense sensations.

However, the skin can remain balanced, beautiful and radiant if we treat it right and adapt our beauty routine to the changing seasons.

In the fall, the skin needs extra care and protection. Three things everyone should do to protect their skin in the fall: drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, apply a richer moisturizer before going outside so it has time to soak in, and continue to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.

Once the season changes, you'll need to switch your skincare routine to richer, more moisturizing products, just as you change your clothes. Again, richer, nutrient-rich, active natural skincare is the way to go.

How to take care of the skin in autumn

As another transitional season, autumn poses similar issues as spring. Our skin does not have the opportunity to recover from the pigmentation, dehydration, and inflammation of summer. We are very sensitive to external stressors, so it's not uncommon to struggle with breakouts, redness or dryness during these months.

One of the major weather changes during this time is decreasing humidity. At the same time, your sebum production decreases and the heating gets warmer again. Our behaviour during these cooler months - central heating, hot showers, warming drinks - unfortunately, causes our skin to become even more dehydrated than it already is from the elements alone, which is why hydration is especially important in autumn.

The main concern when adjusting your skincare routine in the fall:

  • New levels of humidity and temperature
  • Temperature differences from day to day
  • Moisture-wicking winds

Re-discover balancing and purifying cleansing routine

The autumnal external factors are responsible for the moisture in our skin evaporating more quickly. Our skin responds by producing more sebum to compensate for this loss. While this is protective, it can lead to clogged pores and more impurities. So now is the time to pay even more attention to proper cleansing skin rituals that effectively and gentle cleanse your skin. We recommend the balancing, ultra-gentle re.start cleansing oil, which gently cleanses the skin, leaving it balanced, soft and ready for the rest of your skincare ritual. Highly effective organic plant oils cleanse skin pores and balance lipid production. To finish, we recommend spraying your skin with re.breezy mist to soothe and hydrate your face. As it is alcohol-free, it is wonderfully gentle and prepares the skin for the next step.

Moisturise with richer products

Now it's time to replace lighter textures with richer ones. The solution to a glowing complexion is to give your skin the perfect amount of moisture. Our re.vamp complete moisturiser  not only hydrates but nourishes and strengthens skin with natural ingredients, precious oils, powerful vitamins and potent antioxidants. For an extra nourishing boost, we recommend adding a few drops of re.glow oil serum


Continue to protect your skin with SPF

We often think that the sun is no longer so harmful when the cooler days of autumn come, but this is not true. The UVA rays that are responsible for skin cancer and premature ageing are just as intense as they are in the summer months. However, the UVB rays are not as strong as in the summer. This shows why sun protection is an essential step in your skincare routine all year round. Therefore, we recommend applying sunscreen to the face, neck and décolleté when the skin is exposed to outdoor conditions. In addition, we recommend a mineral-based SPF, which reflects harmful sun rays and is the safest for other living organisms on our planet.

Listen to your skin....intentionally and with extra love


Our skin (and our bodies) constantly adapts to internal and external changes; we are an inevitable part of this unique living organism of Mother Nature. And this happens every day, season after season. Our skin knows what it needs, and it gives us signals constantly. Therefore, let's listen to the skin and understand its language.
Feelings of tightness, dryness and increased sensitivity indicate that our current skincare routine is not working (and you should make changes). However, we all want skincare that works with our skin, not against it. Skin is a magical organ that needs to be empowered, and we believe that a balanced, active and organic skincare regimen that is smartly formulated is the answer. If you need any further tips or advice, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help.

Have beautiful autumn. Feel the best in your skin.

With love, Ivanka


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