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Skinimalism: Back to Basics

Skinimalism: Back to Basics

For many years, we thought that if we wanted healthy, beautiful, glowing skin, then "more is more" when it came to skincare products. So, we learned 7-step or even 12-step routines, trying to understand what certain products or ingredients do for our skin. But unlike modern concepts, layering skincare products does not necessarily mean their effectiveness is better. Instead, our skin can become overstimulated in a vicious cycle of constantly trying the latest product, incorrectly layering products, or combining too many active ingredients.

The counters and often the shelves in our bathrooms are full of products, different cleansers, serums, essences, toners, scrubs, exfoliants, enzymatic peels, masks, day creams and night creams, serums...

Maybe it all starts with a harsh cleanser that dries out your skin. Next, you exfoliate your skin daily, but the problem worsens over time because dead skin cells actually retain more moisture than other skin cells. With the moisture barrier effectively "damaged", the following ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin where they do not necessarily belong and potentially cause inflammation. Then, we add serums, moisturizers, and oils to soothe and balance the skin. Maybe they clog pores; perhaps you apply the targeted product for pimples.

The skin gets overloaded with various products and ingredients in such a cycle and can not maintain its balance. Moreover, we usually start a new process by reaching for a new product, and the problems with our skin develop. As our skin starts to look worse and worse, we feel insecure about our skin and our body. This is when we start covering our skin with layers of makeup because we are not ready to show ourselves as we really are.

So, where does the answer lie? Back to basics - or minimalist skincare - or rather "skinimalism".

What is skinimalism?

I like the following definition of minimalism - it's the approach of achieving a goal with simplicity and balance while using less. Applied to skincare, minimalism means having healthy skin following a simple routine with a moderate number of products.

Skinimalism is simply a minimalistic approach to skincare. It can be understood in many ways: Reducing the number of products in a routine, using products that contain fewer ingredients, or simply wearing less makeup. We do not like strict definitions when it comes to the female body (and skin, too). For Matinata, "skin minimalism" is about taking care of your skin with fewer but high-quality products. It's about respecting your skin, taking responsibility for your beauty routine, making the decision to use only a few multitasking products, and opting for a more sustainable and eco-friendly skincare routine.

Take charge of your skincare routine

First of all, know and educate yourself about the products you use. When you know the facts about skincare, you can choose quality products that do more than one thing at a time. Secondly, you may find that you have been unnecessarily switching between different products because you thought it was better for your skin. For example, smartly formulated moisturizer that you can use morning and night can replace your daily and night moisturizer, rather than using different products at different times of the day. Your skin does not care what time it is. Day by day, you will start to observe that a simpler skincare routine does more for your skin.


Know the benefits of the products

A well-formulated multitasking product can contain different active ingredients as long as the ratio is suitable for the skin. Unfortunately, we often do not know how to combine single-ingredient products to get the results we want because it's hard to know which ingredients work well together. And very often, single-ingredient products come in concentrations that exceed the evidence of their effectiveness.

Skinimalism is more than the number of products in your routine

Aside from choosing quality over quantity, investing in a few smartly formulated products, and reducing the number of steps in your routine, switching to "skinimalism" has numerous significant side benefits. Over time, you'll find that your bathroom shelves are not overflowing with expired products, that you are producing less waste, and that you are buying fewer but better products.

Soon, you'll notice that your skin will be better and calmer. But you also understand that healthy skin is not ideally even and smooth. Wrinkles, visible pores, dark spots, scars or blemishes... these are normal attributes that you do not have to hide!

Enjoy your minimalistic skincare routine. Feel the best in your skin.

With love, Ivanka

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